“Affordable Housing Solutions”


“Research increasingly shows that decent, stable, affordable housing contributes to strong families and vibrant communities. But the nation’s limited stock of affordable housing is dwindling and the supply of new affordable rental housing is not keeping up with demand. This undersupply disproportionately affects low-income households: among the poorest Americans, 80 percent pay more than a third of their income for rent. This means less to spend on food, healthcare and education. And now, more moderate- and middle-income households bear a similar burden.” MacArthur Foundation, 2012. (http://www.macfound.org/)

The Housing League works to provide affordable housing within the communities and County‘s we serve. Giving back is key to our philosophy and our mission statement.
The Housing League provides rehabilitation of abandoned and neglected properties that will in turn be offered for families falling within the low-income target market for affordable housing.