“Affordable Housing Solutions”


Organization Description and History

The Housing League Inc., is an independent, mission-driven nonprofit corporation based in Coral Gables Florida, South Miami / Dade, Vero Beach, providing affordable housing for low to moderate income families by working with private and public developers to create affordable housing opportunities. Since its inception, THL has developed, sold and closed hundreds of homes in six States. The Housing League started in 1998 and our primary goal is to provide housing for families and individuals who have typically not had the opportunities for home ownership.

The Housing League Inc., seeks to preserve and improve affordable rental and ownership housing by showing that with the preservation of affordable ownership and rental housing we have a viable and cost-effective way to extend past investments in housing; strengthen families and communities; and encourage a wide mix of partners to invest in and preserve affordable housing.

Our organization aims to yield the evidence, models, momentum, and leadership needed to generate positive outcomes that position the preservation of affordable housing as central to meeting our community’s housing needs.

The mission of The Housing League is to improve the quality of life for Florida citizens through commitment, advocacy, and ensuring the provision of adequate affordable housing for our citizens. It is our goal to empower economically disadvantaged individuals and families, particularly those with very-low to moderate incomes, so Florida will have strong, diverse, and viable communities.